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We have some wonderful baked goods waiting for you! Everything we create is handmade from scratch and incredibly flavorful. Most of our doughs are a two day process – this gives the most amazing flavor and “chew” while maintaining a beautiful lightness.

We have some beautiful examples of our everyday cooking – doughnuts, macarons, baked goods and great eats –  as well as some of the special wedding, shower, birthday and event orders.

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Our doughnuts are crafted from a beautiful brioche dough from 5 simple ingredients. We hand roll, cut, cook and glaze each doughnut. Our glazes are pure, natural flavor and are created to compliment the lovely dough. We have a set roster of favorites as well as awesome seasonal, in the moment flavors.

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French Macarons – delightful, chewy cookies that pack intense flavor. Each macaron takes two days to produce. One day to create and fill and another day for them to rest and infuse with the filling. All of our fillings are handmade like intense lemon curd or deep and creamy chocolate ganache. We can make just about any color or flavor you can dream up as well as dusting and decorating the shells.

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Belle Kitchen is a bakery and along with macarons and doughnuts, we have some really beautiful baked goods and artisan breads. Eclairs, meringues, nougats, pies, galettes, croissants, baguettes, and tarts are just some of the fun goodies baked each day.

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At Belle Kitchen we serve some of best Sandwiches and Breakfast in Oklahoma City. Everything is made from scratch. Our croissants take a full 24 hours and we bake all the bread for four breakfast and sandwiches in house. Each sandwich and breakfast is made to order and so is fresh, tasty and hot! Our Okie Cuban is made with locally smoked pork shoulder and our Reuben is created from in house 24 hour corned beef. We are famous for our from scratch Canadian Poutine – it is absolutely authenic with rich brown gravy, Wisconsin white cheddar curds and hand-cut fries. Come by for Breakfast or Lunch both are served all day!

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